Balancing Faith and Reason

You are welcome at Harmony UU

We’re the church that believes there is more than one answer to life’s big questions.

We’re the community where children are both seen and heard.

We’re the family that welcomes everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, creed, or age.

We’re the grassroots organization that attacks local hunger and stands up for civil rights.

We’re the friends who insist that church should never, ever be boring.

We are Harmony UU, a new way to live the principles of Unitarian Universalism for people living in Mason, West Chester, and throughout the northeast suburbs of Cincinnati.


Sunday Services

See what’s coming up at our next few services:


    The Importance of Recognizing “The Other”

    In his sermon, Harmony UU member Jerry Jackson will examine the need to acknowledge “other” voices—both in our community and within ourselves—in an effort to build a culture of inclusion and

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      Thomas Rowlandson (British, London 1757–1827 London)

      When I Thought My Dad Was Dying: Reflections on Finding Hope and the Healing Power of Prayer?

      Thoughts and prayers are readily offered up during times of need, but what impact, if any, does this really have? Do we have to limit our view of prayer to a conversation to a divine power or is there more to prayer? In this sermon, Harmony UU member Julie Gebhart will (hopefully) challenge our

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      Read and listen to a selection of previous Harmony UU sermons.

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