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Ep. 42: Democracy Working As It Should: Bring Our Nation Together

Sticker saying I Voted

At our Sunday service on April 7, 2019, Harmony UU member Dick Galloway discusses how We the People are not the Right or the Left. That’s a ploy used by those in power to divide us. No! “We the People” are the real center. A huge majority of Americans—across the political spectrum—are already united on all of these issues.

Ep. 27: At the Tipping Point: The Matter of Belief and of Faith

Our culture is at a tipping point, making the matter of belief and faith more important than ever. In this podcast of our June 3, 2018, service, Harmony UU member Dick Galloway examines what happens when your beliefs fall apart—and how faith could help us move on.

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Ep. 8: Big Money Influencing Politics: How Can We Stop It?

This sermon, “Big Money Influencing Politics: How Can We Stop It?,” was originally delivered to the congregation of Harmony, a Unitarian Universalist Community, on May 7, 2017.  It is published on this podcast with permission from the writer, with all rights reserved.

By Dick Galloway

Last fall’s election clearly revealed that Americans across the political spectrum finally awoke to the fact that almost every part of our society—politics, the economy, our media, our educational institutions, understandings of economics—are owned or controlled by a very small power elite. These wealthy individuals are working in their own self-interest without regard to the public good.

This is a non-partisan issue taken on by UU Justice Ohio and many UU congregations. Does Harmony want to take active steps on this issue? What steps make sense for us? How can we tap this energy to effect real change in our political system?

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