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Ep. 16: Cultivating Consent Culture

Explore how our culture conditions us to place some groups’ wants above others’ needs, the role of misogyny, and how to start cultivating consent culture. In this podcast episode of our October 1, 2017, service, learn how rape culture is built and practical ways we can dismantle it.

Read the full text of this sermon here:

Ep. 10: Living the 7th Principle and Eating your Bacon, Too

At Harmony, we believe in caring for planet Earth, the home we share with all living things. How do we reconcile the seventh UU principle with eating meat? Is there really such a thing as ethical bacon? In this podcast episode of our June 4, 2017, service, Harmony member Erin Kotch explores what food labels indicate about the animals’ lives and the implications for our personal and environmental health.

Read the full text of this sermon here.

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