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Ep 84: What is Celebrated at Easter?

Three years ago, Karen Gottschall talked about the many traditions of spring that parallel Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This time, Sally talks about what Unitarians and non-Christians see in the story of the Resurrection or, if you will, in its message of Resilience as we seek to live meaningful lives.

This sermon is also available on Harmony’s YouTube channel.

Ep 82: Camping, Cookies, and Creed: How the Girl Scout Promise and Law Reflects UU Principles

Did you know that Sunday, March 7, 2021 is Girl Scout Sunday? In this sermon, Briella Chambers (she/her/hers) along with her parent Kim Chambers, share how the Girl Scout Promise and Law reflects UU Principles. This is the final requirement for the UUA’s Religion In Life Program for Younger Girl Scouts, an award Briella has been working on this fall and winter.

This sermon is also available on Harmony’s YouTube channel.

Ep 80: The Social Dilemma

Do you sometimes feel as though your social media platforms have completely overtaken your life, or the lives of your family? That is no accident. In this revealing sermon, Harmony members Emily and Jon King discuss the social media landscape and the deliberate design choices behind them that drive addiction, extremism, and polarization in our society. This sermon is structured around the recent Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma. It’s not necessary to see the film before listening, but recommended: The Social Dilemma | Netflix Official Site

This sermon is also available on Harmony’s YouTube channel at

Ep 77: More Festivus for the Rest of Us

There are some that celebrate Christmas, others who have Yuletide cheer, but at our 06 Dec 2020 service, Harmony member Jeff Chambers also discusses other holidays celebrated this time of year.  From Kwanzaa to Hannukah, from Diwali to Yule, we gather ’round the unadorned aluminum pole to explore the range of holidays celebrated around the world.

This sermon is also available on Harmony’s YouTube channel at

Ep. 75: The Stoic Challenge

Marcus Aureleus statue

The Stoic Challenge: A Philosopher’s Guide to Becoming Tougher Calmer and More Resilient teaches us how to transform life’s stumbling blocks into opportunities. Not only can we overcome everyday obstacles―we can benefit from them, too.  Join Harmony member and first-time sermon writer Andrea Markey as we discuss applying the principles of stoicism in our lives.

This sermon is also available on Harmony’s YouTube channel at

Ep. 71: Child Welfare and the Foster Care System

Harmony member Doren Cook gives a brief explanation of what events and policies shaped child welfare law and how well it’s serving at-risk children. Do JFS social workers and foster parents deserve to be vilified as they often are, or should they be considered heroes? She will also discuss her experience as a mental health provider for children in foster and kinship care and who are at-risk of becoming so. She will then bring it back to UU values and how we can assist at-risk children to build resiliency and build a support system.

This sermon is also available on the Harmony YouTube channel, at

Ep. 68: The Imprint of Trauma

This year has brought many “interesting” events to the world, and the hits just keep on coming. In this sermon, Kim Chambers (they/them/theirs) addresses the trauma that we have faced, the potential long-term effects of it, and how we can not just survive but thrive through 2020. Much of the inspiration for this sermon comes from the book, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

Ep. 67: Small Things Often

Harmony member Barbara Bruce describes small changes we can make that are simple, free, easy, yet transformative in the areas of mind, body, and heart.  By doing small things often, we can find peace and satisfaction.


Ep 64: Beware The Ides

On Sunday April 19th, Harmony member Jon King will discussed the origins of some superstitions, and how they can shape the way we live our lives. Both positively and negatively. Service originally scheduled for March 15th (Covid problems).

Ep 63: Be A Supervillain!

Sure, everyone looks up to the superheroes. But on Sunday, March 1st, Jeff Chambers argued that there are actually some compelling reasons to consider the other side of the coin in our everyday lives.



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