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Ep. 35: Money and Charity

How we think about money has a lot to do with how we were raised, and how our families prioritized spending.  This holds especially true for how we consider our charitable dollars: how much we donate, and to what destinations, are complex decisions that can be based on emotional response as much as rational considerations. In this sermon from our service on November 4, 2018, Harmony members Karen Gottschall and Brandon Gallite offer thoughts on managing your finances to guide your charitable donations to causes that are truly important to you.

Ep. 23: Easter to April Fool’s: A Confluence of Peoples, Ideas, and Cultures

Let’s talk about paganism and where Easter really came from. We have all kinds of things happening on this day and we celebrate all of them: the Easter bunny, eggs, the goddess Ēostre, Jesus, daffodils. In this podcast episode of our April 1, 2018, service, Harmony UU member Karen Gottschall explores the confluence of peoples, ideas, and cultures that Easter represents.

Read more details about this sermon here:

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