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Ep. 73 What Living in a Pandemic Taught Me About Dystopian Fiction

Harmony member Tim Lockridge has read countless dystopian novels about people living in disastrous moments on ruined worlds, and he’s thought about many of those stories in 2020. On Sunday, October 4th he reflects on disaster stories, isolation, and the pandemic, asking how large problems and difficult times change us.

This sermon is also available on Harmony’s YouTube channel at

Ep. 60: Context Collapse: On Disagreement, Fatigue, and Generosity in 2020

four overlapping photos of a woman

We all perform different versions of our self: Our work self, our family self, our “old friends” self. But what happens when those different versions blur together? On Sunday, January 19 Tim Lockridge  examined how we perform our identities and asked how we can navigate a potentially contentious 2020 in which friends, families, careers, and politics might be a source of friction and fatigue.

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