Ep. 55: Rule Breaking

We all decide when it is OK to break rules, but how?  And are we doing so with principles in mind…or not?  Join Harmony co-founder Rob Rogan for a discussion on the place of rules in society and when it is ok to break them.


Ep. 54: Building Your Own Theology

While most people adopt the bulk of their religious beliefs from one of the world’s many organized religions, the truth is, ultimately everyone is their own theologian. We pick and choose which parts we believe and don’t believe.
This week’s sermon discusses the classic UU adult education program called Build Your Own Theology. The course invites participants to develop their own personal credos—their fundamental religious beliefs, values, and convictions that inform and direct of their lives by challenging them with thought-provoking questions about human nature, reality, history, and ethics until they can clearly articulate their core beliefs.
Sermon writer Paul Smith discusses the class, shares his personal credo developed in the course (What I Believe, What I Don’t Believe, and What I Don’t Know), and challenges the audience with some of the program’s core questions.

Ep. 53: Sequoia Service!

At our Sunday, September 15th service, our Sequoia class takes over Harmony!  The service explores the various projects the students have completed or are working toward, and includes a musical introduction and sermon by Maddie and Ella focusing on the dangers of puppy mills in the U.S.

Great job, kids!

Ep. 51: The Orphan Trains: A Dangerous Act of Kindness

A historical image of a train with children standing on and around it

On Sunday, August 18, Harmony member Kif Corcoran teaches us about a prominent NYC minister named Charles Loring Brace and his controversial social-economic experiment that greatly impacted 200,000 orphans sent to the Midwest on trains. We examine the pros and cons of this mass child-placement event and whether our society is doing any better today placing foster children with families.

This episode opens with Harmony music director Dale Bodmer’s rendition of “Riding the Orphan Train.”

Ep. 47 | Holding On: The Value of Human Connection

At our June 16th service, Harmony member Jen Gillum discussed the value of human connection. The social neuroscience and research is clear—our brains respond to social engagement.  We are wired to connect. However, our current cultural landscape often seems riddled with technologies, markets, and institutions that sometimes serve to isolate and even repress us. Jen’s hope is to build a deeper awareness around this potential big-picture conflict but ultimately for each of us to reflect on a personal and/or community-based level.

Ep. 46: NSFW: clothes you can’t wear, words you can’t say, and people you can’t marry

At our June 2nd service, Harmony member Paul Smith asks us to discuss culturally imposed rules about clothing, language, and marriage. We’ll explore our own preferences in these areas, why we feel the way we do about them, and why other people might (legitimately) think and feel differently about these topics than we do.

Warning: this sermon contains language that some may find objectionable…which is perfectly appropriate given the topic, but feel warned regardless.

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