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Children’s Religious Exploration

Harmony offers a Religious Exploration (RE) program for children ages 3 and up. Our RE program promotes positive self identity, peer relationships, and community service. Children have the opportunity to explore religion and character education in our interactive RE classes while their parents attend the service.


Each class focuses on an age-appropriate theme, and children can expect to have fun while engaging in activities such as music, crafts, literature, games, demonstrations, hands-on experiences, discussion, and planning for service activities. All of our teachers, who are also parents, bring unique talents to every class. For more information on our RE program, contact us at re@harmonyuu.org.


Seedlings: Preschool/Kindergarten

This Religious Exploration class is for preschoolers and kindergarteners, and it introduces children to an RE class environment through crafts, games and literature. Kids attending this class are often excited to hear a familiar Berenstain Bears or Franklin story that teaches positive character traits.

Apple: 1st and 2nd grades

The Apple Class, for first and second graders, consists of three modules spread across the year:

  • Living the Seven Principles: Children learn the core values of Unitarian Universalism
  • The World Around Us: Children study engaging (often seasonal) topics from around the world – science, culture, holidays, and mythology, to name just a few
  • Building Character: Children take the character traits they learned in Seedlings class to a more advanced level

Oak: 3rd to 5th grades

This class, for third through fifth graders, consists of four modules spread across the year:

  • Seven UU Principles: Students learn the core values of Unitarian Universalism in a more in-depth way
  • Spirituality Around the World: Learning about how UU and other world religions handle specific topics such as morality, the beginning of the universe, or the idea of the afterlife
  • Social Justice Awakenings: Oak class members learn about social justice issues such as hunger or the environment and also work on outreach projects
  • Thinking Critically: The children work on developing an understanding of ethics, logic, and critical thinking

Sequoia: 6th to 9th grades

The Sequoia covenant group was developed to prepare 6th to 9th grade students for becoming full Harmony adult members when they turn 15 years old. These dedicated students experience a mix of class time and participation in Sunday services with age-appropriate discussion groups as they learn from and support each other. It is our goal to foster a close-knit and accepting group of tweens and teens who befriend and support each other through the tough times of adolescence.

Fellowship: All grades

At Harmony, all RE classes come together every two months to focus on team and community building. These classes include ice breakers, team building activities, and playing games, with the focus on fostering a sense of community across all age groups.