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Be My Neighbor: Increasing Peace, Love, and Understanding

Be My Neighbor: Increasing Peace, Love, and Understanding

Be My Neighbor is a new initiative at Harmony UU to create and strengthen relationships with our neighbors of all faiths, races, and beliefs. Inspired by a sermon about the universal concept of loving your neighbor, a group of us got together to create a common vision: for Harmony to be known as a hub of peace, love, and understanding in our community.

Now, we’re working toward this vision by affirming the worth and dignity of all our neighbors through actions that welcome, include, understand, and accept everyone.

To begin, we started organizing visits to other places of worship in community on the second Sunday of each month. These interfaith “field trips” have taken us to the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati and our next-door neighbors at Lakeview United Church of Christ. We’ve also hosted the Imam and members of the Islamic Center of Mason to teach us about Islam, a local Spiritualist minister to demonstrate Wiccan spring renewal rituals, and the mother of a transgender child to share what she’s learned on her journey as a parent.

In the near future, we’ll be hosting more events and activities to get to know our neighbors and create more peace in Maineville, Mason, and beyond. Check out Harmony Happenings and our Facebook page to get details about upcoming events.

NEW: Be My Neighbor T-Shirts

You can invite everyone to be your neighbor just by wearing the new “Be My Neighbor”-themed Harmony T-shirt. Let the smiling face of Mr. Rogers shine like a beacon of love and peace, wherever you go!

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