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Ep. 58: Four Days With Kenny Tedford

A special guest from Tennessee joined us to deliver the sermon on Sunday, December 1st. Mr. Kenny Tedford was born with brain damage that left him with a learning disability, deafness in both ears, blindness in one eye, partial paralysis on his left side, and difficulty speaking until the age of ten. Mocked as the “retarded” kid in school, Kenny’s life could easily have been a sullen tale of victimhood. And yet, he’s one of the most inspiring people you’ll ever meet.

Mr. Tedford shared portions of his life story that uniquely illustrate Harmony’s principles of valuing the worth and dignity of every person, treating all people fairly and kindly, and accepting one another.

Mr. Tedford is the co-author and subject of a new book by Harmony member, Paul Smith, titled Four Days with Kenny Tedford.