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Ep. 6: This Mother’s Love: More Than the Sum of Its Parts

If you’ve ever wondered about transgender parenting or how to love and support our transgender youth, this episode of the Harmony UU Podcast is for you. Listen in as a local mom shares moments and realizations from her personal parenting journey. For our guest speaker Lisa Phair (as for many of us), the process of loving like a mother has been developmental—a process that allows so very much to fall away that does not matter or no longer applies.

This mother’s love is pure. It is strong. It is brave. And while it started personally, it may be needed more than ever, politically. This mother’s love is not just for mothers!

The sermon featured in this episode, “This Mother’s Love: More Than the Sum of Its Parts,” was recorded at Harmony, a Unitarian Universalist Community, on April 2, 2017.