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Grateful Gatherings

Monthly conversations with purpose at a local coffee house

Join Harmony’s new monthly Grateful Gathering to explore inspiring ideas through meaningful conversation. All are welcome!

Explore what matters

Dive into themes like finding delight, embracing mystery, creating joy, navigating grief, and welcoming imperfection.

We set the stage

Discover Grateful Living’s enriching materials and tools for conversations with purpose.

You bring the spark

Share your experiences and learn with others in a safe, supportive space.

Build community

Connect with others to support your grateful life.

Through ongoing engagement and dialogue, Grateful Gathering participants develop a vital sense of community, while deepening understanding of themselves and others.

Grateful Gatherings are monthly conversations with purpose, designed by Grateful Living and hosted by people like Harmony co-president Susan Jackson who have completed their training program. Each month we’ll be exploring the transformative practice of grateful living, using the resources provided by Grateful Living. Our monthly topics will include things like: Say Yes to Joy, Welcome Imperfection, Navigate Grief, Reimagine Rest, Awaken to Awe, and Act with Courage.

You can learn more about Grateful Gatherings by clicking here.

Our first Grateful Gathering will take place on Sunday, June 30, at 10 a.m. at Moonflower Coffee Collective in Sharonville. Please email info@harmonyuu.org if you are interested and would like to come and learn more!